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[+] OpIsrahell 07/04/2014 [+]

[+] The last message to Israel & Last Warning ,<3 <3 Free Palestine <3 <3 ,<3 <3 The Victory Inchallah <3 <3 & Big Fuck To ISRAH3LL & USA Fuck [+]

Welecom To The H3ll :D Internet Islamic World #OPiSRAEH3LL 07/04/2014 On!!!!!!!!!

It's just a simple warning Every Israeli man must going far
Every one should remembers from somewhere he came And takes the decision
Collect your luggage and then go looking for your motherland Will come a day you will not find the opportunity to escape If you went down in the hole. burrow inside a rock We will remove your skin while you are alive And wishes death or split the earth to escape At that moment you will realize
That Hitler was joking when he burned you The project of peace has been ended It is not simple to burn our hearts Men crying is not simple Every moment there is a mother cry.
I did not find my son This talk is real
This was not to speak foreplay
From hearts filled with bile because of your injustice Right is clear like the day light
There is no secrets yet O Israel,you will be wipe out We never forget our revenge

[+]- Moroccan Haxor [+]